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Eco Khao Lak, highly praised by our satisfied customers on TripAdvisor and well-known in southern Thailand, provides various tour services that make natural and cultural attractions only available in southern Thailand accessible to you in our own unique way. In short, the tour services can be summarized as follows: elephant jungle sanctuary and beach trips, islands hopping with these options: James Bond Island, Hong Island, Similan Island, Surin Island; and in Takuapa, which includes the lost Banyan tree forest, local markets, and an old town architecturally unchanged by time. Or you can opt for camping, hiking, animals and rare birds watching in Khao Sok National Park where the rainforest jungle is full of tall and ancient trees. Our services are customizable based on your requests such as a price and a size of your group. To know our unique value in the tour service for your once-in-a-lifetime holiday experience with us, please contact us and book your tour now. Your interaction with us will speak itself as a testimony to the unique quality of our tour services.

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Thailand Special Price

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

Become friends with our elephants. Some of these elephants are orphans and grow up in the sanctuary. So, they’re looking forward to having you as their new friend. They’re huge, majestic, but very gentle creatures with different personalities. The longer you get to know them, the more you know about their personalities. Our staff give them unique names based on those personalities. No, they’re not for riding or any kind of hard labor. Our sanctuary has been certified by a government agency to forbid any such cruelty to such endangered animals. For centuries, elephants have been part of Thai culture—glory and pride of the kingdom. We’ll keep it that way. In addition to that, it’s also rooted in Buddhism that elephants are the incarnations of our ancestors. Therefore, cruelty to them is not only a sin but also punishable by law. Aside from that, you’re invited to hang out with them as long as you want. Your activities can be as follows: Feeding elephants, bathing elephants, walking along with elephants as they are living their daily life in the sanctuary.

Elephant Sanctuary Seaside Retreat for a full day/half day

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

This trip will be a relaxing drift of your entire day, so you have ample of time to enjoy the activities: first, you’ll be among our elephants, becoming part of their routine. You’ll be their friend who bathes them and plays with  them in the water. Then, you’ll be a surrogate buddy to our turtle babies who are in their nursery pools. Ask the guide in residence if you can feed them or touch them. Don’t forget—these turtle babies also have tantrums. Hope they are in a playing mood when you’re visiting them. After that, you’ll be out into a rainforest jungle, Khaosok National Park, which is possibly the largest in Thailand and one of the oldest as some of the trees have been standing there for as long as 3000 years. Here you should take the bamboo raft trip. While you’re floating along the shallow river, imagine how the jungle has managed to distribute all that water to every single tree in there. What a magnificent living system. After such a jungle bonanza, you’ll be ready for a seaside, cozy retreat or a picnic on the sand as a delicous buffet helps you breeze away any sweat or tiresome.

Let’s us Eco Khaolak Adventure take care of you and your family for this holiday!

Jame Bond Island

Travelling in Thailand is an epic adventure. As a small group travel expert, our passion for authentic, responsible and life changing travel experiences, is what sets us apart from the rest. Joining one of our carefully constructed “Small group more time” tours is a unique and best way to experience Khao Lak and its surroundings.
See the impressive limestone caves and islands of Phang Nga Bay, have a respectfully experience at our Elephant Sanctuary, immerse yourself in the local cultural way of live, dive into the world of flavors and aromas during our authentic Cooking Class, discover the beauty and wilderness of the Khao Sok National Park, explore Khao Lak’s diverse nature, or visit the famous snorkeling spots around Similan and Surin Islands.

With many years of experience, we will ensure your tour is something you will remember for a lifetime.

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